45th Anniversary Party Ideas

by Kent Page McGroarty
Celebrate your 45th anniversary with sapphire gifts.

Celebrate your 45th anniversary with sapphire gifts.

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Celebrate 45 years of marriage with a party you will always remember. Since sapphire jewelry is the classic gift for a 45th wedding anniversary, incorporate sapphires into your party theme, from the invitations to the food. Encourage guests to wear blue clothing and bring blue gifts such as blue stationary, flowers, crystal and jewelry.


Use invitations for a 45th wedding anniversary celebration with a sapphire/blue theme. Purchase or make invitations in the shape of a sapphire or look for blue-tinted invitations. Using a blue tint over a photo of you and your partner is also an option. Invitations with faux sapphire jewel charms attached to the front or on the inside of the invitation is another option and gives party-goers pre-celebration keepsakes they can wear to the party if desired.


Work sapphires into the decorations for the celebration, whether it be at your home or event space. Use sapphire-colored balloons, both foil and regular, to decorate the space. If you have the resources, use such balloons to blanket the entire ceiling of the event space or rooms where the party will take place in the home. Spread faux sapphire gems all over tables with images of the couple in blue-tinted frames. Use blue markers on a wall where guests can write well wishes on a large sheet of paper. Pepper the entire event space with blue-tinted roses in various arrangements as another decor idea.

Music & Activities

Compile favorite tunes yourself and your significant other on an iPod or collection of CDs. If you have a song, be sure to include that in the mix as well as favorite artists from different decades of your marriage. Compile playlists or mix CDs by decade as well, or look for songs that remind both of you about a certain time in your lives, such as when you were starting a business together, having children and favorite vacations and adventures.


Tint food blue with food coloring or create desserts using blue icing. Ideas include assorted berries, such as blueberries and blue-tinted strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Serve the berries with blue-tinted clotted cream or blue-tinted ice cream. Serve blue strawberries in blue-tinted champagne flutes. Create an assortment of cakes featuring blue icing, including cupcakes, which can also feature small wire photo holders featuring images of the couple. Other ideas include blue M&Ms; and sugar cookies with blue frosting.

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