40 Year Anniversary Invitation Ideas

by Tamiya King
Ruby red is the color of the 40th anniversary.

Ruby red is the color of the 40th anniversary.

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Whether you're planning a 40th anniversary celebration so that your friends and family can celebrate the occasion with you and your spouse, or want to surprise your parents or loved ones with an anniversary event, you'll want the invitations for the party to be indicative of the party's level of formality. Specific colors and flowers are also associated with the 40th anniversary, and these elements make the invitation attractive as well.

Nasturtium-Themed Invitations

Nasturtiums are the 40th anniversary flower, and you can use the bright orange, yellow and red hues of the bloom as inspiration for the party invitations. Choose stock paper in either of these shades, and use black font so the party details (date, time, location and RSVP) will show up easily. You can accent the invitations by purchasing mini synthetic nasturtium flowers and hot-gluing them to the invitation's corners. Or, select invitations in the shape of nasturtium flowers, which are round with wide, slightly cordate petals. Add color-coordinated glitter to the invitation border for more visual appeal.

Ruby Red Invitations

The color associated with the 40th wedding anniversary is ruby, a deep shade of red that is complementary to metallic and neutral shades. So, you can print the anniversary party specifics on ivory or light gray invitation paper, roll the invitations into the shape of a scroll, and tie each document with a stain burgundy ribbon. Or, create a burgundy border for the invite by hot-gluing ruby red ribbon or small synthetic pearls to silver or platinum-colored invites. If you're using light-colored paper, select font in a deep red that will pop against the neutral color and further emphasize the 40th anniversary theme.

Photo Invitations

Select a photo of the guests of honor to use as the backdrop for the 40th anniversary invitation. A picture of the "bride and groom" at their wedding ceremony or vow renewal from a previous anniversary (whichever the couple prefers) is a fitting invitation picture. Or, choose a candid photo that reflects the couple's collective personality, like a photo of your parents during their vacation in the Bahamas, to denote that the party will be casual lively and upbeat. Or select a family picture from your childhood to let guests know that the couple is looking forward to celebrating with loved ones.

Shaped Invitations

Invitations in wedding-themed shapes are eye-catching, and may help guests to remember the anniversary party and RSVP date. Since red is the 40th anniversary color, heart-shaped invitations are appropriate, especially if the celebration will take place around Valentine's day. An invitation in the shape of a wedding ring has visual appeal -- you can adorn the invite in synthetic ruby-colored stones to reemphasize the theme and add more color. An invitation shaped like the first letter in the couple's last name is appropriate as well; ruby red paper keeps the 40th anniversary theme consistent, or you can choose a nasturtium color for the invitations.

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