4 Wheeler Party Themes

by Kristen Bailey
A four-wheeler themed party will thrill your little ATV fan.

A four-wheeler themed party will thrill your little ATV fan.

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Children love to let their birthday party be a celebration of their favorite things. Many children love four wheelers because they are exciting, and because children can typically operate them years before they are able to drive a car. Finding party accessories and ideas for a four-wheeler party can be tricky, but with a bit of creativity, you can create a wonderful birthday party for your little four-wheeling fan.

The Cake

The centerpiece for many birthday parties is the cake. Take a photograph of your child riding a four wheeler, or print a picture of a four wheeler from your computer. Take the picture to your local bakery, and they can copy the picture onto an edible wafer to place on your child's cake. Or make and ice a simple sheet cake, and decorate it with an off-road scene (use crumbled graham crackers or brown sugar to create a dirt road) and place toy four wheelers on top.

Party Games

If your child owns an ATV or four wheeler and you have neighbors and friends who do as well, letting the children ride the vehicles can be very entertaining. Allow the children to be passengers only, and have a responsible, experienced adult do the driving. Make sure the children wear helmets, and be sure to get all parents' permission before they drop off their children.

Can't find Four-Wheeler Party Goods?

If you can't find items specific to four-wheeling, many party stores have more generic vehicle items that you can use as well. Tire shaped cups and yo-yos, assorted miniature cars, and wheel-shaped playing cards can all be used to keep a four-wheeler theme prevalent at your child's party.

Party Favors

Use your computer and printer to make personalized four-wheeler party favors. Buy simple white labels and print an image of a four wheeler and a message like "Thank you for coming to Jeffrey's 10th birthday party." Use the labels on chocolate bars, packs of bubbles, favor bags, and cellophane bags filled with candy. You can print customized thank you notes as well.


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