30th Birthday Party Gifts for Best Friends

by Tamiya King
Plan a 30th birthday surprise that your best friend will always remember.

Plan a 30th birthday surprise that your best friend will always remember.

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Your best friend's birthday will be here soon, and since you're the friend that knows her best, you'll want your gift to reflect how much you care and value your friendship. Since the 30th birthday is considered a milestone, a valuable and inventive present that she'll remember for years to come will make the occasion even more special.

Mini Vacation

Take your best friend on a 30th birthday mini vacation to a nearby city or state and plan a surprise that makes the birthday significant. For instance, purchase tickets ahead of time for him to attend a sports game to watch his favorite team play for the first time, and reserve a few hotel rooms in the city. Tell all your friends so they can attend the trip and the main event as an unexpected gift that your best friend won't soon forget.

Birthday Outing

Organize a 30th birthday outing for your best friend that is both fun and sophisticated so the two of you can catch up and strengthen your bond. Book a day at the spa so she can get a manicure and pedicure, or try a more daring haircut for this phase of her life. Then treat her to dinner at her favorite restaurant and schedule a movie or dessert party with your mutual friends to end the day.


A quality jewelry piece is a meaningful 30th birthday gift that your best friend will cherish for years to come. Present her with a charm bracelet in her favorite precious metal, and include trinkets that display her personality, like a pearl, which is the June birthstone and a symbol of beauty. Elegant and mature jewelry pieces for a male best friend include cuff links, tie pins or watches.

"Grown-Up" Accessories

Give your fashionable best friend accessories that indicate how he's matured and developed, and are entering into a new phase of life at 30. For instance, present your entry-level professional best friend with a leather briefcase or day planner in his favorite color. A pair of name brand heels or a fashionable business suit makes a thoughtful gift for a best friend starting a new career, and will help her look and feel her best.

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