3 Dimensional Invitations

by Tamiya King
Give your guests a message in a bottle invitation for a beach-themed party.

Give your guests a message in a bottle invitation for a beach-themed party.

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You've got a party coming up, and you want your invitations to give your guests a preview of the unforgettable time they'll have at the celebration. Three-dimensional invitations are immediately eye-catching, a nice change from traditional paper invites and may help your friends and loved ones remember to RSVP and attend your birthday, anniversary or baby shower event.

Wedding Ring Invitation

Purchase large plastic rings from your local craft store, along with a few large, synthetic jewels and a hot glue gun. Attach one jewel to each ring to resemble an engagement ring. Use satin string in one of your wedding colors to tie to the ring, and attach an invitation card with your engagement party or bridal shower details (time, date, location and RSVP information) to the other end of the string with a colored staple before giving the invites to guests.

Message in a Bottle

A message in a bottle invitation is impressive and visually appealing and allows your loved ones can use the invite as a home accessory, even after the party date. Purchase small bottles with cork stoppers, along with sepia-colored invitation paper to give the invitations an antique feel. Use a calligraphy pen to write the party specifications on the paper. Roll the paper into the shape of a scroll and place it inside the bottle. Add another accent to the invitation -- like a sticker in the shape of your initial -- on the bottle or a sprinkling glitter inside the bottle.

Baby Block Invitations

Your discount department store will likely sell paper invitations that can be folded into the shape of a baby block. This 3D invitation is an inventive way to invite your loved ones to your baby shower. Choose paper that matches the decor you've selected for the event. Use each side of the block to write down a detail of the baby shower. You can even place small pieces of candy inside the invitations before folding them to give guests an extra treat.

Beach Pail and Beach Ball Invitations

Get your loved ones excited about your summertime birthday party with three-dimensional invitations like mini beach pails. Fold your small invitations to fit in the pails and include an additional treat like mini sugar cookies in the shapes of starfish or seashells. Or, write the date, time, place and RSVP information on small- or medium-sized deflated beach balls in permanent marker. Send the beach balls to your party guests so that when they blow the "invitation" up, they'll see all the necessary party details.

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