1950s-Themed Bridal Showers

by Chelsea Oliver
Have your bridal shower guests dress in 1950s clothing.

Have your bridal shower guests dress in 1950s clothing.

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If you are hosting a bridal shower for a bride who loves all things vintage, incorporate aspects of the past into her bridal shower. A 1950s-themed bridal shower is the perfect choice for a bride who enjoys retro clothing, traditions and style. Wow your guest of honor by transforming her bridal shower into a scene right out of the 1950s.


Dress the part for your 1950s-themed bridal shower and encourage your guests to do the same. Pair a long, full polka dot print skirt or 50s-cut dress with a conservative pearl necklace, beehive up-do, pumps, red nail polish and lipstick, and cat-eye glasses. If you're going for a less glamorous look, opt for a poodle skirt, pink cardigan and chiffon scarf.


Choose a 1950s theme to base your decorations on. Transform a party hall or your living room into a classic soda shop with checkered tablecloths, an ice cream bar area, and cardboard cut-outs of jukeboxes and extra-large sodas and ice cream cones. If you're into music, turn your bridal shower into a 1950s sock hop by renting a jukebox or using a cardboard stand-in and hanging plastic records from the walls and ceiling. If you're going ahead without a theme, a pink tablecloth is reminiscent of a poodle skirt while a pair of sunglasses at each place setting can be used as napkin rings for pink napkins.

Food and Drink

Serve appetizers and beverages straight out of the 1950s at your themed bridal shower. Mix up signature cocktails for guests who imbibe and serve them in glasses that match the decorations; a soft drink served in authentic glasses is a 1950s option for guests who don't drink. Deviled eggs, pigs in blankets and other retro appetizers make perfect finger foods; if the timing of the bridal shower coincides with a meal, serve something hearty and home-cooked.


Have your guests play a variety of fun 1950s-themed games. Organize a relay that involves typical housewife activities such as folding laundry, vacuuming a spill and diapering a baby doll. The Bridal Shower Games A to Z Web site (bridalshowergamesatoz.com) lists a printable game that offers players a look into the lives of 1950s women; read "How to Be a Good Wife" aloud and quiz your guests on it afterwards. Offer fun prizes for game winners such as gift baskets filled with items related to the 1950s. Winners usually give their prizes to the brides, so you may want to make this clear beforehand.


Send your bridal shower guests home with 1950s-themed mementos. For smaller favors, opt for retro glasses or plates or colorful pop art coasters; pop art, a movement of the 1950s, embraces bright colors and interesting designs. Make photos of the group and print enough for each guest to have a photo. Create a photo album for the bride. Of course, the photos will be given to everyone at a later date. Be sure to take photos of the decorations before everyone arrives.

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