What to Do for a 12-Year-Old Girl's Birthday Party

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Let a 12-year-old girl help plan her party.

Let a 12-year-old girl help plan her party.

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Twelve-year-old girls are preteens who often want to feel more grown-up. A birthday party for a 12-year-old girl can include activities that allow her to feel more grown-up while still being able to have fun with her friends. Instead of simply planning a party for her, parents should allow their 12-year-old to have a lot of input into what her party will look like.

Spa and Glamour Parties

Spa and glamour parties are often a big hit with preteens. Purchase inexpensive lotions, nail polish and makeup to use at the party, and allow girls to take turns giving each other facials and makeovers. Have party guests bring a few changes of clothes, and hold a fashion show or stage a high fashion photo shoot by taking pictures of the girls around the neighborhood or in a local park after they get all dolled up.


Twelve-year-old girls are not too old for sleepovers. For a birthday, allow a girl to invite her friends for a sleepover. Hold a movie marathon where the girls watch movies and eat popcorn all night. Let the girls stay up as late as they want. For snacks, allow the girls to make their own pizzas or decorate their own cupcakes. Have a pajama fashion show, hold a dance-off or spend the night playing board games or typical teen games such as truth or dare.

Scavenger Hunt

A lot of girls love to shop. For a birthday party, hold a scavenger hunt at the mall where girls are placed into teams and challenged to see who can "spend" closest to $100,000 in an hour. Have girls take pictures of the items with the price prominently displayed, or keep a list of items and prices and have store employees initial them. Another version is to create a list of unique items to find in the mall and see which team can find the most. Have girls take pictures with a cellphone or digital camera to verify their finds. Another twist on the scavenger hunt theme is to meet at a thrift store and give each party guest $5. Hold a contest to see who can get the best outfit with that money or who can purchase the most items.

Special Venues

Consider holding the party at a special venue such as a skating rink or a local pool. A spa or a salon is the ideal location for a glamour party. A local tea house or fancy restaurant is an idea for a girl who wants to feel more grown-up. Instead of throwing a huge party, consider taking a few close friends out for pizza and a movie or to an amusement park.

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