"101 Dalmatians" Party Ideas

by Kasandra Rose
Dalmatian puppies are the stars of

Dalmatian puppies are the stars of "101 Dalmatians."

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Many kids love the movie "101 Dalmatians." The movie has cute puppies, an outrageous villain in Cruella de Vil, danger, adventure and romance. Whether your child prefers the live-actor or the cartoon version, he'll be thrilled if you throw him a "101 Dalmatians" party. Even if you don't bring in 101 live puppies for the event, prepare to have a doggone good party.

Dress Up

Unless you have the rare child who prefers Cruella to the puppies, this is an ideal opportunity for you to get involved in the fun. Because you are the authority figure, you'll make the perfect Cruella de Vil. Watch the movie again to get an idea of what sort of outfit that mistress of mutts, Cruella, would wear, and don't forget the cigarette holder. Plan the party well in advance and ask all the attendees to wear something with polka dots, but be prepared to help out any sad "spotless" pups by providing spotted scarves or handkerchiefs.

Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian

Every party needs a few games. What could be more perfect for a "101 Dalmatians" party than playing "Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian"? To create your game, print a picture of the back end of a Dalmatian that you find online and tape it over a corkboard hung on the wall at "puppy" (child) height. Cut out many tails and have straight pins available to pin the tails to the Dalmatian. A spotted blindfold will complete the game.

Save the Puppies

Print out 101 Dalmatian puppy pictures and hide them around the house before the guests arrive. It's best to not let your own child see you hiding the pictures so that she can look for them along with her pack of friends. Vary the size of the pictures to make it more interesting. Place some in plain view and hide others. If you run out of ideas on where to hide the Dalmatians, just think of all the places you've found the remote control over the last year and you'll have no problem finding hiding spots. Award a prize to the child who finds the most.


Decorating for a "101 Dalmatians" party is as simple as putting black spots on the walls of the party room. But to go the whole way, add dog-themed touches such as leashes, collars and dog bowls, and even lay newspapers on the floor in a corner. If you're ambitious, make bone-shaped sugar cookie "puppy treats."

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